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February 24, 2020 at 5:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

                                                         REGULAR BOARD MEETING

The Board may discuss, consider, and take appropriate action, including expenditure of funds as necessary or appropriate, on any item listed on this agenda:
1. Welcome guests and members of the public.
2. Roll call, establish a quorum, call Board Meeting to order; declare the board meeting open to the public.
3. Pledges of allegiance to the flags.
4. Public comment.
5. Consent Agenda: Each of these items is recommended by the Staff and approval thereof will be strictly on the basis of the Staff recommendations. Approval of the Consent Agenda authorizes the General Manager or his designee to implement each item in accordance with the Staff recommendations. The consent agenda will be approved as a block. Any Board member that has questions regarding any item on the consent agenda may have the item pulled and considered as a regular item on the agenda. Any items so pulled for separate discussion will be considered as the first items following approval of the consent agenda.
5.A. Approval of minutes from Regular Board Meeting on January 27, 2020.
5.B. Approval of bank statement ending January 31, 2020, and current financial reports of the District.
5.C. Approval of Investment Report.
5.D. Payment of bills/invoices received through February 24, 2020.
5.E. Reimbursements for expenses incurred on behalf of the District through February 24, 2020.
6. Any items from consent agenda that were pulled for further discussion.
7. Discussion regarding Rainwater Harvesting Cost Share Application and Agreement submitted by the Parker County Livestock Improvement Association; take action as necessary.
8. Discussion regarding a potential violation of District Rules by EOG Resources for failure to submit accurate groundwater production reports within the required period (Hood County); take action as necessary.
9. Discussion regarding request to refund of new well registration fees for Well ID 10887 in Wise County, including the option to grant an extension to drill and complete the well; take action as necessary.
10. Management Report on Administrative and Operational Issues: The General Manager and staff will brief the Board on the following and any other items included in the General Manager’s written report, which may be discussed, considered, and acted upon by the Board, including authorizing the initiation of, managing, or resolving enforcement action or litigation where applicable.
10.A. General Manager's report
10.B. Report on delinquent customers of the District and take any necessary action for collection of delinquent fees.
10.C. Report on Education and Outreach activities.
10.D. Report on injection well applications filed with the Railroad Commission
10.E. Well Registration and Groundwater Production reports
11. Discussion regarding ongoing legal issues related to the Horseshoe Bend Water System, including but not limited to a possible settlement; take action as necessary.
12. Review line item expenditures and adopt budget amendment(s) as necessary.
13. Determine time and place for next meeting.
14. New business to be placed on the next meeting agenda.
15. Adjourn board meeting.
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