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December 3, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Adopt the Agenda
IV. Consideration to  approve consent agenda items
IV.A. Consideration to approve minutes from the following Board of Education Meetings:
IV.A.1. October 29, 2020, Committee of The Whole Meeting Minutes
IV.A.2. November 5, 2020 Board of Education Meeting Minutes
IV.A.3. November 19, 2020 Special Board of Education Meeting Minutes
IV.B. Consider Resolution to approve the bills for payment, depository balances and to place financial reports on file for audit
IV.B.1. November 2020 - Pay the Bills Resolution 
V. Presentations and Recognitions
V.A. Boys Cross Country
V.B. Girls Cross Country 
V.C. Marching Band 
VI. Public Commentary - agenda items only
VII. Board Correspondence
VIII. Board of Education Reports
VIII.A. Liaison to Bedford Township Government - Todd Bruning
VIII.B. Liaison to Bedford Township Park Board - Griffin Kirsch
VIII.C. Legislative Relations Network - Michael J. Smith
VIII.D. Michigan Association of School Boards - Megan Kaun
VIII.E. Monroe County School Board Association - Griffin Kirsch
VIII.F. Senior Center - D. Janney
VIII.G. Human Sexuality Committee - Megan Kaun
VIII.H. Policy Committee -  D. Janney,  Ronald Koch and Lisa McCaig
VIII.I. Safety Committee - Michael J. Smith
VIII.J. Technology Committee - Ronald Koch
VIII.K. Alumni Association - Lisa McCaig
VIII.L. Community of Care Task Force Committee -  Megan Kaun, Lisa McCaig and Michael J. Smith 
VIII.M. Strategic Planning Committees
VIII.M.1. Student Achievement -  Ronald Koch 
VIII.M.2. Facilities Committee - Todd Bruning, Lisa McCaig and Michael J. Smith 
VIII.M.3. Communication Committee -  Griffin Kirsch and Michael J. Smith
VIII.M.4. Finance Committee - D. Janney
IX. Items from the Superintendent
IX.A. Superintendent's Report
IX.A.1. Consideration to approve the recertification of the District Learning Plan
IX.A.2. Consideration to approve the Resolution for Regional Enhancement Millage 
IX.A.3. Consideration to approve the 2020 CARES Funds Budget
IX.B. Instructional Items for Presentation and Board Action
IX.B.1. Consideration to approve the Anatomage Table purchase
IX.C. Personnel Items for Presentation and Board Action
IX.C.1. Consideration to approve BEA New Hires
IX.C.1.a. English Instructor at the Junior High School - A. Dauer
IX.C.1.b. Virtual Kindergarten and Reading Intervention Instructor - K. Fellers
IX.C.1.c. Spanish Instructor at the Junior High School - J. Mayolo
IX.C.2. Consideration to approve BAA Change of Assignment
IX.C.2.a. Principal at Douglas Road Elementary - K. Johnson  
IX.C.3. Consideration to approve the BEA Contract Extension
X. Public Commentary
XI. Announcements and Comments - Administrators, PTO, Public Relations, Executive Cabinet, Superintendent and Board of Education
XII. Adjournment

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